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Love, love, love Miss Tess, Tina, and Audra. My daughter loves dance and I love the confidence boost dance gives her. She has friends, has fun, and has a place where she belongs!

Sarah B October 7, 2015

Private Lessons

Private Dance Lessons

Private lessons are available for students of all levels and are held with the instructor of your choice. Scheduling is based on the availability of an instructor to meet with you. Please contact us to being the scheduling process. Before your lesson please let your instructor know what you are struggling with or wish to work on. Private lessons are all about helping you achieve your goals!

Private Lesson Rates
1/2 Hour Lesson: $35
1 Hour Lesson: $60

Private Lesson Packages
Save money by buying a lessons package! You can break your time up into 1/2 hour or 1 hour lessons.
3 Hours: $165
4 Hours: $220
5 Hours: $275