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Love, love, love Miss Tess, Tina, and Audra. My daughter loves dance and I love the confidence boost dance gives her. She has friends, has fun, and has a place where she belongs!

Sarah B October 7, 2015

Dress Code

Studio Dress Code 2018-2019

Don’t see your summer class listed? Dress code updates for the Summer 2019 session will be available on April 1st.

All Classes

For all classes hair must be pulled back into a ponytail or bun and secured tightly so that it stays through class. If hair is too short for a ponytail then at least the top half must be secured away from the face.

Jewelry other than simple stud earrings should never be worn during class.

Shoes – All shoes labeled Revolution Brand can be purchased at the studio

  • All Ballet & Bop Til You Drop Classes: Pink leather or canvas ballet shoes (Revolution, Bloch, or Capezio brand)
  • Tap Levels A-D: Black tap shoes (Revolution, Bloch, or Capezio brand)
  • Tap Levels E-G: Revolution Brand Premium Tap Shoes
  • All Jazz Classes: Revolution Brand Dark Tan Jazz Boot
  • Hip Hop Classes: Order the Required Shoes at the Studio
    • For summer hip hop classes there is no specific required shoe. Jazz shoes, clean sneakers, or hip hop sneakers from a previous class session can all be worn.
  • Technique Classes: Revolution Dark Tan Jazz Shoes and Ballet Shoes (see above)
  • Sparkle & Shine Company: Revolution Brand Dark Tan Jazz Boot
  • Twinkle & Shimmer Companies:
    • Revolution Brand Stretch Canvas Ballet
    • Revolution Brand Black Tap Boot
    • Revolution Brand Dark Tan Jazz Boot (Shimmer Only)
  • Glisten, Radiant, & Bright Companies:
    • Bloch Brand Pro Elastic Ballet in pink
    • Revolution Brand Premium Tap Shoe
    • Revolution Brand Dark Tan Jazz Boot

**Ballet/Tap/Jazz shoes from Payless or Target DO NOT meet our dress code**

Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Bop Til You Drop, Levels A-C (Ballet/Tap combo)

  • Leotard and tights, any color.¬†(No leggings or sweater tights)
  • Skirts are optional
  • Ballet shrug sweaters and leg warmers are the only cover-ups/warm-ups allowed

Levels D-G (Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo)

  • Solid color leotard only, no patterned leotards
  • Tights – white, tan, light pink or black
  • Patterened or multi-colored shorts or dance pants are allowed in tap and jazz class only. Black dance shorts or a ballet skirt are permitted for ballet class.
  • No tank tops, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts or other layers allowed during class. Ballet shrug sweaters and leg warmers are allowed.

Hip Hop, Modern & Contemporary, Jazz, Adult Classes

  • Dance or fitness apparel only, including dance pants, leggings, or shorts/capris with tights. Legs must always be covered in the studio.
  • Sports bras tight-fitting¬†tank over them or a leotard.

Lyrical/Ballet & Technique Classes

  • Solid colored leotard with tights. Solid colored ballet skirt or dance shorts optional.
  • Leg warmers or ballet wrap sweater allowed.


  • Black leotard and light pink or white tights.
  • Pink satin pointe shoes and pink leather or canvas ballet slippers are both required.
  • Black ballet skirts are optional – shorts will not be allowed.
  • Solid color leg warmers and ballet wrap sweaters are permitted.
  • Sports bras should not be worn under leotard unless they are also black.

**Hair must be secured in a bun for every class**