Love, love, love Miss Tess, Tina, and Audra. My daughter loves dance and I love the confidence boost dance gives her. She has friends, has fun, and has a place where she belongs!

Sarah B Oct. 7, 2015

Dress Code

Studio Dress Code 2017-2018

All Classes

For all classes hair must be pulled back into a ponytail or bun and secured tightly so that it stays through class. If hair is too short for a ponytail then at least the top half must be secured away from the face.

Jewelry other than simple stud earrings should never be worn during class.


  • All Ballet & Bop Til You Drop Classes: Pink leather or canvas ballet shoes (Revolution, Bloch, or Capezio brand)
  • Tap Levels A-D: Black tap shoes (Revolution, Bloch, or Capezio brand)
  • Tap Levels E-G: Revolution Brand Premium Tap Shoes (Available at the studio)
  • All Jazz & Team Time Classes: Revolution Brand Dark Tan Jazz Boot (Available at the studio)
  • Hip Hop Classes: Jazz shoes or Clean Sneakers for Mini Session Classes
    • 2017-2018 School Year: Order your required shoes at the studio
  • Company Students:
    • Ballet: Bloch Brand Pro Elastic in pink
    • Tap: Revolution Brand Premium Tap Shoe in black
    • Jazz: Revolution Brand Jazz Boot in dark tan

**Ballet/Tap/Jazz shoes from Payless or Target DO NOT meet our dress code**

Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Bop Til You Drop, Levels A-C (Ballet/Tap combo)

  • Leotard and tights, any color. (No leggings or sweater tights)
  • Skirts are optional
  • Ballet shrug sweaters and leg warmers are the only cover-ups/warm-ups allowed

Levels D-G (Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo)

  • Solid color leotard only, no patterned leotards
  • Tights – white, tan, light pink or black
  • Patterened or multi colored shorts or dance pants are allowed in tap and jazz class only. Black dance shorts or a ballet skirt are permitted for ballet class.
  • No tank tops, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts or other layers allowed during class. Ballet shrug sweaters and leg warmers are allowed.

Technique, Hip Hop, Modern & Contemporary, Pom/Jazz, Team Time, Adult Ballet Fitness

  • Dance or fitness apparel only, including dance pants, leggings, or shorts/capris with tights. Legs must always be covered in the studio.
  • Sports bras with a tight fitting tank over them or a leotard.

Lyrical/Ballet Technique

  • Solid colored leotard with tights. Solid colored ballet skirt or dance shorts optional.
  • Leg warmers or ballet wrap sweater allowed.


  • Black leotard and light pink or white tights.
  • Pink satin pointe shoes and pink leather or canvas ballet slippers are both required.
  • Black ballet skirts are optional – shorts will not be allowed.
  • Solid color leg warmers and ballet wrap sweaters are permitted.
  • Sports bras should not be worn under leotard unless they are also black.

**Hair must be secured in a bun for every class**